The sun is not as harsh as she seems

Undoubtedly, many of you have heard or read how dangerous the sun is nowadays. You have even heard (or read) it from me at least once or twice. The sun is no good. But I cannot remember if I told you this before; it is no fault of the sun that it can be quite a danger to our skin if we spend too many hours exposing ourselves to the sun’s rays. I cannot remember if I told you that how dangerous the sun is has a lot more to do with our own shortcomings as human beings on mother earth.

It has a lot to do with how we have let the earth quite literally go to the devil. We have polluted it like there’s no tomorrow. Talking about global warming and climate change has become the new normal for those of us who care. And blessings upon those who are actually doing something about these high levels of carbon poisoning within our earth’s eco-system. No, it is not the sun’s fault that we are in this predicament.

We need to expose ourselves sometimes in order to go about our daily lives as normally as possible. But now we need to improvise. Now, my job, thankfully, demands that I spend a lot more time indoors than most folks do. Also, I work from home on most days. In spite of my darling little pet cat’s best intentions, it can be challenging to keep myself from going insane, particularly when deadlines loom and I have no alternative but to keep my delicate little nose to the grindstone.

Fortunately, in accordance with my female nature and what experience has taught me, I am able to multitask and most of my clients know that I am a proactive project manager, if you don’t mind me telling you so. Having some talent also helps, of course. Having two hands with ten able fingers to type this quickly also helps. Fingers (my cat) though, keeps me grounded in more ways than one. Because she is always around me, even when I am trying to get done, I sometimes feel a little guilty when leaving the apartment, even for just a few minutes to go and buy a pint of skimmed milk and a small loaf of gluten-free whole wheat bread.

There is no risk of me contracting cat, sorry, cabin fever with this little companion about. Now, she knows this better than most cats, pardon the pun guys, I need to get out and about in the sun every once in a while. While I work well for most of the day, even at night time, it turns out that mornings are where my most productive hours are spent. While I’m busy typing away at my desk, little madam is busy tanning herself in the sun. We have a delicious alcove with wide windows, so when the sun is at its peak in the morning, Fingers will sit there for an hour or two.

As I end this post, she is taking her afternoon nap while the sun puts the finishing touches to its inevitable disappearance behind the noon-day clouds. On happy, peaceful days, this is also a favorite time for me. There is nothing like it. Taking a stroll through our nearby park and through the boroughs while warming my body with the sun’s now-gentle afternoon rays is the quintessence of bliss. It really depends what time of the day you head out into the sun because it can be quite good for you.

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