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Stress-free foods to kick-start your day

Even if you do not suffer from clinically-diagnosed stress or high anxiety levels, you still stress a little, don’t you. Even if there are no genetic traces of clinical depression or post-traumatic stress disorder in your veins, you are still stressing over something or another that is bothering you. I was going to use stronger vocabulary to describe the event, but that would not be appropriate. It may even cause you to stress a little more. But this is what life is all about.

No sane person is without stress these days. They are worrying about their children at home or at school. They worry about too many deadlines at work. They even have anxious thoughts about how someone they admire feels about them. This is all quite normal. Life is not perfect. In this day and age, if it were, life would be pretty boring. Some may even stress about that too. Not that there is anything wrong with being ‘boring’. I learnt elsewhere that routine, day in and day out, is actually quite good for us. Oh, if that were possible, then my life would be quite peachy.

Whether your life is chaotic at times or pretty much set in normal routines, life can be a peach. A lot of the unexplained stress that we feel has more to do with our physical and mental health (combined). While circumstances cannot always be helped, we can control and manage our own health. Exercise is one thing, we all need it. That’s not even up for debate. But because we all have our own peculiar tastes, the food that we eat regularly has a lot to say about how we are going to feel for the rest of the day or the next.

I still have that nasty habit. I like to kick-start my uncertain day with at least two mugs of caffeine-rich, strong black coffee. While I’m still trying to kick this habit, I have learned that coffee does more harm than good. Yes, it does perk you up some, but the more of the stuff you drink, the more alert and stressed you become. Or have you not noticed this? Instead of coffee, we need to calmly warm our bodies with a nice cup of green tea.

Still stuck on that nasty morning habit, I have until recently been ignoring the best dietary advice for centuries; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most folks are in too much of a rush in the morning to take advantage of this important ritual. Instead they will grab a roll pasted with a runny fried egg. Not even an hour later, they are hungry once more and if they are not snacking on a packet of crisps while working, they’ve already placed their first take-out order.

I am quite excited about my next breakfast; hopefully it will happen tomorrow morning. A few days ago, I bought a large tub of fat-free organic yoghurt. On my kitchen shelf stand two jars of breakfast foods. One is a jar of muesli and raisins, and the other jar is filled with oats. For breakfast, I will simply dish myself a small bowl of oats (or muesli) and stir it in with a small helping of yoghurt.

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