Saving for your own freedom

Most women have already been forgiven for believing that it is never going to happen to them. Most women have been forgiven for believing that dreams do not come true. Then there are still more women out there who do not have dreams, whether these are daylight dreams or conventional but unusual dreams which usually take place when they are fast asleep. In their daily struggles, many women have, quite frankly, been caught napping.

I may be a moody girl sometimes but deep down I do not judge the next person. Not because I feel morally and spiritually obligated not to question the other person’s motives or actions, but simply because that is my nature. It may be a good quality to have but I sometimes ask myself whether this was my downfall in the past, relishing other people’s success and happiness while quietly accepting that such joys were not meant to be as far as I was concerned.

Complacency has certainly been a bugbear. Fortunately, I had an office job that I could turn to every day and every month of the year. And at the end of every month, I felt blessed with a modest pay check which was just enough to cover the rent, food and luxuries, books and clothes being the prime example, which I would usually divert to my charge card anyway. I felt relieved that I was able to survive. After all, there were more women out there than I could possibly imagine that were suffering big time.

Many, still to this day, are living from hand to mouth, and those that are perceived to be more fortunate than others, are at the mercy of their patriarchs who do not rule fairly anyway. In recent years, as life became more challenging, mainly due to the great paradigm shifts that everyone is still talking about, I began to wonder; is this all there is and is it really worth it. Is there not something that I want to do with myself in life? For one thing, I do have a dream. I want to be free and I want to travel the world and go to places that other girls would not even think about venturing to.

Actually, those are two dreams. And neither of them are pipe dreams. The one dream did come true. Yes, I have a lot more freedom than most other girls, but life is hard. The dream of a lifetime still needs work and I have yet to begin with the scheme that is going to get me to Chile some day. The old cliché says this; the best things in life are free. So true in many ways, but let’s be both practical and realistic at the same time. What the heck can a woman do without money to hand these days? So, that’s the plan then; start saving for that big adventure, never mind the proverbial rainy day.

Other girls may believe that it’s still raining men in places. But are they free? Wouldn’t it be much nicer to be singing (from the treetops or the bathroom shower) that ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’? So, to get to that point of self-sufficiency and independence we need to start saving.

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