Fun in the Sun

Most girls have to work, so the weather’s no object anyway. Unless, of course you are a farmer or farm-worker, a policewoman, or weather girl, then your daily life is dependent on everything that the elements say or do. As a farmer, you need to take care of your crops, make sure that they grow well in time for the next harvest. With global warming and climate change mucking things up, this is always a challenge because when it is dry temperatures soar to the point that newly planted seeds dry up and die. And when it rains, it really rains hard, by the gallon and like cats and dogs. The crops drown instead of nourishing the moisture that they were accustomed to before.

Being a policewoman is no joke either. Because unless you are confined to desk duty, your beat dictates that you are out there pounding the pavements no matter what the weather, rain or shine, hot or snowing. If you are fortunate enough to be entrusted with a squad car and a trusty partner, you still need to battle traffic congestion and bad, illegal drivers, sometimes even getaway cars. But for most office girls, the weather is no object. It may be heading into winter where you are, so the only thing you mind right now are the cold and the clothes you think you’ll need to wear (or want to wear).

By the time night falls or the weekend has finally arrived, what are a lot of girls doing? They’re still inside! For goodness’s sake. We’ve become so accustomed to our sedentary habits and the technical buzz that goes with it that we’ve forgotten what it feels like to have fun in the sun. Some of you have growing kids and may have seen what a challenge it has become to get the kids outside to play like they should. They seem to have forgotten how to invent real games which require the use of all arms, legs and the brain.

In their day and age, all they need are the remote and console and fingers to manipulate these gadgets. I must admit that as a grown woman, I’m no different. Not a day goes by (when I’m not working) that I’m not sitting next to my laptop or somewhere in the mall. Saturdays are usually good to me. Sundays are better because it’s a lot quieter then. Sometimes I am up bright and early and can’t wait to put on my gap and see what’s cooking down at the mall. In my excitement, I forgot that the sun was shining and passed up a golden opportunity to commune with Mother Nature.

We may be enslaved by our urban settings, but the great outdoors is still only around the corner. I’m happy to tell you that where I stay there’s a great botanical garden downtown, not even five minute’s walk from my apartment. Now, whether it is a great, sunny day, or raining, I’m aiming to make a great effort to spend some time down there surrounded by ancient trees and nicely laid out garden beds. And if there’s a chill in the air, I can still visit no less than three museums and pop into the local coffee shop for a warm cuppa.


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