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The sun is not as harsh as she seems

Undoubtedly, many of you have heard or read how dangerous the sun is nowadays. You have even heard (or read) it from me at least once or twice. The sun is no good. But I cannot remember if I told you this before; it is no fault of the sun that it can be quite a danger to our skin if we spend too many hours exposing ourselves to the sun’s rays. I cannot remember if I told you that how dangerous the sun is has a lot more to do with our own shortcomings as human beings on mother earth. Continue Reading

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Anti-IBT – What now?

Like me, the first thing that really gets you up in the morning is a strong cup of coffee. These days I like mine black and without sugar. On a regular day when things seem to be going alright, I will have had three regular mugs by eleven o clock in the morning. On some days, and usually these are good days too, I’ll have another two cuppa’s in the afternoon, black as well. Most of you will prefer a little milk with your morning coffee, oh, and with a couple spoons of sugar. Continue Reading