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Stress-free foods to kick-start your day

Even if you do not suffer from clinically-diagnosed stress or high anxiety levels, you still stress a little, don’t you. Even if there are no genetic traces of clinical depression or post-traumatic stress disorder in your veins, you are still stressing over something or another that is bothering you. I was going to use stronger vocabulary to describe the event, but that would not be appropriate. It may even cause you to stress a little more. But this is what life is all about. Continue Reading

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Anti-IBT – What now?

Like me, the first thing that really gets you up in the morning is a strong cup of coffee. These days I like mine black and without sugar. On a regular day when things seem to be going alright, I will have had three regular mugs by eleven o clock in the morning. On some days, and usually these are good days too, I’ll have another two cuppa’s in the afternoon, black as well. Most of you will prefer a little milk with your morning coffee, oh, and with a couple spoons of sugar. Continue Reading