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What’s for lunch?

Yes, I’m quite hungry.

Lucky for me, I can still ask. New projects have started to roll in and I’m on my way to balancing my check book quite nicely thank you very much. Soon, I will be able to spend more time (and money) visiting my favorite bistro’s and pizzerias for a light, late afternoon lunch or generously large pizza on Friday evenings with the girls. The reason for my hunger now can be explained. Continue Reading


The road to Mecca

Those of you who have been fortunate enough to make the obligatory pilgrimage know what the long journey feels like and what it means when you have finally reached your destination. You also know that this spiritual journey can take years, and for most of us it takes a lifetime. I have chosen this title deliberately as a metaphor for the hard choices and the consequential journeys that many are faced with are taking today. These are difficult times. Even the most loyal and talented workers, unskilled, skilled, blue collar, professional, call them what you may, are given the dreaded pink slip. Continue Reading

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Anti-IBT – What now?

Like me, the first thing that really gets you up in the morning is a strong cup of coffee. These days I like mine black and without sugar. On a regular day when things seem to be going alright, I will have had three regular mugs by eleven o clock in the morning. On some days, and usually these are good days too, I’ll have another two cuppa’s in the afternoon, black as well. Most of you will prefer a little milk with your morning coffee, oh, and with a couple spoons of sugar. Continue Reading


Look after yourself

Those were the words my wise father gave me on one of the last occasions I saw him.

He had to leave because mother had already phoned him, wondering where he was. He had come over to my apartment one late morning to help me out. It was both humbling and humiliating for me. It was humbling because here was a man who was still prepared to help me no matter what. While he may have been disappointed as many good fathers sometimes get when their grown-up children fail in life, he did not judge me on my inability to help myself at that time. I had to ask myself; what would I have done and where would I have been had my father not been able to come to my rescue. Continue Reading

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A food journey – towards eating, feeling and living better

A few years ago, just a day after the traditional fast had ended; I decided to make a few more epic changes in my life mainly to improve my chances for new opportunities going forward.

I also decided to do something about my health. Exercise was never going to be a problem, or so I thought. While I was never going to kill myself down at the local gym, let alone go there at all, I believed that regular, daily walks would do the trick. And on weekends, I would treat myself to a much longer walk along the lake or in the park.  Because I was so preoccupied with life at the time, I never took much time out to indulge in this pleasurable activity. Continue Reading



Fingers is not her real name. Truth be told, she is a real lady. When she first settled into my home she was wearing a beautiful necklace with a silver-coated tag. Her real name was engraved on the tag. It must be over two years already since Fingers moved into my apartment as a permanent resident and it is hard to believe that I could never remember her real name. My good girlfriend at the time knew her name. It began with a C – Cammie something or another – and sounded rather exotic. Beautiful nevertheless. Continue Reading

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Creating the perfect CV

Or should it be; create the perfect resume.

Most of you call it by that name. I just thought the title of this latest post seemed perfect. That’s the essence of it really; making things perfect. And in this case, it’s the resume (or CV). No matter who you are or what your circumstances, unemployed, self-employed or employed, it seems to be getting more and more difficult these days to get a foot in the door and seated at the desk in your chosen career or dream job. Continue Reading