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Saving for your own freedom

Most women have already been forgiven for believing that it is never going to happen to them. Most women have been forgiven for believing that dreams do not come true. Then there are still more women out there who do not have dreams, whether these are daylight dreams or conventional but unusual dreams which usually take place when they are fast asleep. In their daily struggles, many women have, quite frankly, been caught napping. Continue Reading

Work and Business

Working towards that job you dream of

That is the verb I was looking for.

It takes work and sometimes a lot of persistence, good sense and even faith to reach your career goal. Like me, many of you may have been encumbered by circumstances that you felt you had no control over. You may have been coaxed into an early marriage which you did not want or was too young to appreciate anyway. You may have been born into dire poverty which saw your loving parents having to dig deep into their pockets just to put one frugal meal on the table. Mainly, you may have believed that whether it was physical, spiritual or mental, you did not have the range of abilities and personality traits to succeed in your chose career or dream job. Continue Reading

Food and Recipes

Stress-free foods to kick-start your day

Even if you do not suffer from clinically-diagnosed stress or high anxiety levels, you still stress a little, don’t you. Even if there are no genetic traces of clinical depression or post-traumatic stress disorder in your veins, you are still stressing over something or another that is bothering you. I was going to use stronger vocabulary to describe the event, but that would not be appropriate. It may even cause you to stress a little more. But this is what life is all about. Continue Reading


Fun in the Sun

Most girls have to work, so the weather’s no object anyway. Unless, of course you are a farmer or farm-worker, a policewoman, or weather girl, then your daily life is dependent on everything that the elements say or do. As a farmer, you need to take care of your crops, make sure that they grow well in time for the next harvest. With global warming and climate change mucking things up, this is always a challenge because when it is dry temperatures soar to the point that newly planted seeds dry up and die. And when it rains, it really rains hard, by the gallon and like cats and dogs. The crops drown instead of nourishing the moisture that they were accustomed to before. Continue Reading


The sun is not as harsh as she seems

Undoubtedly, many of you have heard or read how dangerous the sun is nowadays. You have even heard (or read) it from me at least once or twice. The sun is no good. But I cannot remember if I told you this before; it is no fault of the sun that it can be quite a danger to our skin if we spend too many hours exposing ourselves to the sun’s rays. I cannot remember if I told you that how dangerous the sun is has a lot more to do with our own shortcomings as human beings on mother earth. Continue Reading


A cat is a girl’s best friend

Not that I like the furry, smelly, extra friendly canines any less, but I’m no man.

They are still saying it after all these years; a dog is a man’s best friend. Truth be told, it is so. Have you ever noticed the truly down and out, going through the dumpsters, looking for a bite to eat? Even in the worst of times, that old faithful is still at his master’s side. Dogs are a girl’s best friend too. In case you haven’t noticed, there are still many old ladies, those that still can, walking about the park in the mornings or in the afternoon before their tea, with their trusted guardians keeping up at their sides. Sadly, they need to be kept on a leash. But it’s for their protection anyway. Continue Reading


Meet Fingers, my cat

In cat years she is middle-aged and nearing the turning point into old age. In cat years she is still on her fourth or fifth life. Cats in general have nine lives. So, no matter what her age, it looks as though she will be around for many years to come. This pleases me because she is my best friend. It does not matter whether I’m doing alright or troubled or feeling extremely down-hearted and lonely, she is always there for me. Continue Reading