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Anti-IBT – What now?

Like me, the first thing that really gets you up in the morning is a strong cup of coffee. These days I like mine black and without sugar. On a regular day when things seem to be going alright, I will have had three regular mugs by eleven o clock in the morning. On some days, and usually these are good days too, I’ll have another two cuppa’s in the afternoon, black as well. Most of you will prefer a little milk with your morning coffee, oh, and with a couple spoons of sugar.

Come Fridays, I’m all ready to roll. Like me, you may be inclined to indulge in a little feast of French fries and a burger with onion rings, provided it’s all been prepared correctly to specifications of course. Me, it depends on the taste buds’ moods, some days the burger is served with chili, on other days, it’s a mild mayonnaise dressing. But some of you are more of salad girls, vainly watching your waist-lines. Well good for you. So, you ditch the fries and go Greek on Fridays instead.

Like me, some of you like tradition. I love it. In my case, traditional foods and dishes are loaded with famous spices sourced mostly from the different regions of the Indian sub-continent and the Malayas. Sometimes, when I’m alone, I go a little overboard with the spice mixtures and prepare the hottest curry I can think of. But, then on those sad, lonely Sunday afternoons or Saturday nights I might not make anything at all. In fact I just want to curl up on the couch.

Usually, I can’t sleep much when that happens. I’ll be watching anything that’s in front of me. And instead of a good bowl of popcorn, I’ve supplied me and my couch with at least two bags of crisps. The moods are usually thick enough to accommodate a third bag, but usually my small stomach can just about manage one.

One of the main reasons why I have such dark moods is that my body is talking to me. It’s crying out for help. It needs a break. How the mind feels often affects the rest of the body, sometimes leading to illness, and how the rest of the body – particularly the stomach area – feels usually has something to do with the mind and how the heart feels, metaphorically speaking. One of the most ironic things about peculiar cravings for junk food and hot food is that it makes you feel no better once you’ve completed your feast, in fact, you feel worse.

Even in normal bodies, the stomach cannot handle such overloads, it needs natural replenishments (including those eight glasses of water and minus those two liter soda bottles); basically good, wholesome foods, as prepared and grown by mother earth. Now, some girls may be correctly arguing that spices are natural ingredients too. They are indeed, but like all good delicacies; everything in moderation. And don’t forget that age-old cliché; variety is the spice of life.

But in extreme cases, all these quirky tastes, from the morning coffee to the late night cold pizza slice (a banana would have been just as nice) are no good for the stomach and it will affect how the rest of the body feels during the day. There are thousands of girls out there who suffer from IBT, otherwise known as irritable bowel syndrome. As a first step towards slaying those constipation dragons, those girls (and you, if you have similar afflictions) need to dump all the junk, caffeine and spices.

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