A cat is a girl’s best friend

Not that I like the furry, smelly, extra friendly canines any less, but I’m no man.

They are still saying it after all these years; a dog is a man’s best friend. Truth be told, it is so. Have you ever noticed the truly down and out, going through the dumpsters, looking for a bite to eat? Even in the worst of times, that old faithful is still at his master’s side. Dogs are a girl’s best friend too. In case you haven’t noticed, there are still many old ladies, those that still can, walking about the park in the mornings or in the afternoon before their tea, with their trusted guardians keeping up at their sides. Sadly, they need to be kept on a leash. But it’s for their protection anyway.

Good old ladies who truly care also have to carry a pooper-scooper and brown paper bag with them as well, just in case their little friend needs to go. It can be a dog’s life. Late at night, when the lonely old lady is settled in for the night, her friend is sitting quietly at her side, watching or sniffing her every movement or smell. And when she wakes up the next morning, relieved to be given another day, her furry friend is the happiest beast in the whole wide world.

Beasts in the wild; that’s another story altogether. I have often wondered why human beings are so afraid of them, particularly the tiniest creatures who usually only have eight legs and a nasty little bite to get around with anyway. If and when, and that’s a big if, the animals do bite or attack you, they are usually doing it for their own protection and especially for their young. Humans often forget that these animals have something in common with them. They have that great capacity to love and care for their children. Sometimes they will even share that love with humans. But it takes exceptional humanism to gain the trust of these wild animals which are faced with dangers every moment of their lives.

Trust is a big thing these days mainly because it is so difficult to attain. While I will never walk in the forest or bush entirely alone, I fear human beings more. They are more dangerous creatures and inflict more harm imaginable on the animals, even for sadistic sport. Also, animals are always at the mercy of humans who dominate the earth as things stand now. While the animals battle against all odds to find their next meal, it is no trouble for humans to breed their own prey, never mind capture it, for food that they don’t really need anyway.

I suppose everyone is different. But perhaps some of you may agree that it is a cat that is a girl’s best friend. It certainly is the case with Fingers and me. For one thing, like most good pals, we share a lot that we have in common. For obvious reasons, there are some areas in our lives where we may differ. This has to do mainly with our species. Another thing, Fingers is a lot wiser than most middle-aged girls her age. She purrs and growls from experience. Before she moved into my apartment she had a difficult life. She still notices things outside that I am not even aware of. You could very well call her an affable watch cat.

Not that guarding our home is in her job description. Fingers just likes to take care of things. And she adores me.


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