Saving for your own freedom

    Most women have already been forgiven for believing that it is never going to happen to them. Most women have been forgiven for believing that dreams do not come true. Then there are still more women out there who do not have dreams, whether these are daylight dreams or conventional but unusual dreams which usually take place when they are fast asleep. In their daily struggles, many women have, quite frankly, been caught napping. Continue Reading

  • Lifestyle

    Fun in the Sun

    Most girls have to work, so the weather’s no object anyway. Unless, of course you are a farmer or farm-worker, a policewoman, or weather girl, then your daily life is dependent…

  • Health

    The sun is not as harsh as she seems

    Undoubtedly, many of you have heard or read how dangerous the sun is nowadays. You have even heard (or read) it from me at least once or twice. The sun is…

  • Pets

    A cat is a girl’s best friend

    Not that I like the furry, smelly, extra friendly canines any less, but I’m no man. They are still saying it after all these years; a dog is a man’s best…

  • Pets

    Meet Fingers, my cat

    In cat years she is middle-aged and nearing the turning point into old age. In cat years she is still on her fourth or fifth life. Cats in general have nine…